What a plumber can do for you


A lot of homeowners try to do some plumbing works, but the only thing they are doing is making the problem much worse than what it was in the first place. For some reason, men don’t like to have anyone come into their home to fix anything as it makes them feel less of a man. The husband will put it off until the last minute until the problem gets out of control and really cost a lot of money. That is when the wife calls the plumber to come over and fix the problem when the husband is at work.

We will go over a few things that a plumber can do for your home.


Leaking sinks

This ain’t that big of a problem. However, it can cause a lot of damage. When water leaks after a while, it will leave a rust stain that won’t wash out of your sink or wall. If it is a leaky pipe, then it can destroy a whole wall or floor. A plumber will come in and know what to do and how to fix it right the first time around.


When drains get plugged up, the first thing we do is to get a plunger and start working on it. In most cases, we keep our fingers crossed and hope we can get it to unplug. If you can not get it done yourself, then you will need to call a plumber. The plumber will come over and run a snake down your drain and try to unclog it that way. If he can’t, then he will run down a cam to see if maybe it is a pipe that has collapsed or has a root of a tree growing through it. If this is the case, he will have to dig up the pipe and repair it. He or she will know right where the problem is from the cam.


When your washer stops draining, who would you call for that? A plumber will install a washer problem; they will even install a water heater. They will install anything that has water to do with it.


Laying water and drain pipes

TJK Plumbing services will lay water lines and sewer lines. If you are putting in a garage, and you want water and a sink in it. They will be the ones to lay down all the piping before the floor gets put in.