Viable clean energy sources


Climate change has been a hot topic for many years now, with most nations looking for viable clean energy sources—as seen at the G7 meeting in Italy a day ago. The use of food in fuel is turning the environment into an oven, and if we do nothing about; our environment will be destroyed for good.

There have been various talks over the last two decades focused on finding sustainable clean energy sources. A lot of progress has been made along the way. In today’s post, we take a look at the future of climate and what we need to do.

Climate change

Many people might not be acutely aware of the dangers of climate change. Due to human’s over-dependence on fossil fuels, a lot of carbon has been released into the atmosphere and in return making the world warmer. This has resulted in poor breathing air in places like China, and the near extinction of polar bears in the North Pole.

Lucky for us, there are more than enough solutions, and we will be taking a look at this.

Clean energy solutions

Given that most of all human energy needs are to produce electricity, then there are many ways to do it without destroying the environment.


Solar energy is probably the best way forward. A known fact is that the amount of sun that hits the earth in a single day is enough to power a city for a whole year. Currently, the solar harvesting methods are not very efficient, but advancements are being made.

Now that the giant manufacturer China has increased its solar panels manufacturing capabilities, it is safe to say that solar energy is a ready technology that is just waiting for people to invest into it.


For many years now, the wind has proved to be a viable source of energy. It is used to drive windmills and in the process generate a lot of electricity.


Nuclear has had a bad reputation in the past, but most people are not aware that a lot of progress has been made in nuclear technology, making it a very viable source of clean energy. Nuclear power is used to healthy water, and the steam produced is used to drive large electricity generators.


psdpvpwajjvpweajvpowjeapvjapweojvpweJust like nuclear energy, geothermal energy is used to drive large generators to produce electricity. But unlike nuclear, the steam is a result of underground water being heated by the earth’s core.