The adverse effects of energy overconsumption


We probably have lost count already when it comes to the number of campaigns that are aiming to make everyone aware of the importance of conserving energy and protecting the environment. These campaigns may have different slogans, may come under various names such as ‘our epic future create it with clean energy‘, or perhaps promoted by different groups of people from all over the world; but all of these only have one message, and that is to conserve energy and save the earth.

Energy conservation campaigns

Despite the countless campaigns and programs that have been launched by concerned citizens and even the government of the different countries, why is it that we still have the same problems up to these days? Is it because we are becoming too modernized and advanced? Or, is it because there is a bigger percentage of people who do not really care? Are they even aware of the negative effects of consuming too much energy?


Below is a list of the negative effects of energy overconsumption.

An increase in carbon footprint

The biggest effect of using too much energy is an increase in the so-called carbon footprint, which refers to the amount of carbon dioxide and all its other compounds emitted into the air.

Let us take a look at the excessive usage of power or electricity;

Electricity itself is not bad because we need it in so many things such as lightings, home appliances, to charge our mobile phones and other devices, etc. We do this every day. The harmful effects come in when generating power. The more electricity produced, the more carbon dioxide will be released as well, which will just sit in the air and can lead to global warming.

Increases the risks of climate change

As a result of an increase in carbon footprints, climate change is most likely to occur as well. This is the time when people would feel the outcome of their actions. You can expect extreme weather. There will be floods, forest fire events, and drought. This will also significantly affect the crops of the farmers; many of these crops will be destroyed which would mean a decrease in food supply.


More money spent

If people continue to overuse energy, sooner or later, we will run out of supply. The little bit that we get would be very expensive. You will surely dread seeing your utility bills.

There are other effects of energy overconsumption, and they can come one after another, like a domino effect. So, to avoid the worse from happening, people should learn to conserve energy or start using renewable energy.