Facts About Christmas In July You Should Know


Christmas in July is prevalent in Australia today as compensation for the missed activities in the December 25 season. According to historical experts, the country is known to have picked most of their activities from England which celebrates its Christmas in winter. Since not many people may know more about the Christmas in July, then going through this article which contains various facts about the day is very crucial. Additionally, one can visit the Xmas in July FAQs web page for more information.

Facts about Christmas in July celebration you should know

It is celebrated on July 25

As much as the celebration day can occur on any day of July, most people celebrate it on the July 25. The day is and sounds almost the same like December 25. In fact, people do all the preparations they would do on an actual day. This includes family gatherings, having Christmas themed homes and presence of Santa theme all over the place.


It is common in Australia

Australia also calls the day Yuletide or Yulefest. They attach great significance to the day as they do not have a real Christmas day on December 25 since it is a summer season in the country. Today, almost all Australians are on a Christmas mode when it reaches July. The shopping starts which includes the buying of gifts and other items like sweaters and Christmas trees.

Celebrations originated in Australia in the 1980s

As much as the mentioning of Christmas in July dates back to a century ago in the USA, history can relate its origin to Australia in the 1980s. It is accredited to the Guests from Ireland who wished to have a Christmas like dinner at blue mountain region. In fact, it is said that after this, people embraced the concept and started celebrating the Christmas in July.

Christmas in July occurs in the coldest month

For countries that have winter in December like the Europe, then Christmas is in a normal season. However, the Christmas in July occurs in countries like Australia which experiences winter in July. According to the weather experts, July is the peak of winter in these countries making it a convenient time enjoy the Christmas fun. For instance, those in Australia where it is a significant celebration do it on July 25.


These common facts about this festive will help any layman to understand more about the Christmas in July and why it is an important occasion.